The Jump Off

In honor of the launch for Melanin Mic, lets |Spark The Conversation|

Did you know there are only 9 black owned television networks which maintain less than 1% of media channels? 11 if you include CLEO and AFRO TV which are black owned independent channels featured on Xfinity (as of Jan 2019).

There is a preconceived notion that in order to get ahead, the culture must depend on platforms and resources that are not rooted in the African American community. The system has actually been structured to make things that way. By doing so, the culture fuels the pockets of others but sees this as an overall win because of the exposure that follows, despite the beliefs or practices that may keep them from reaching their full potential. The African American community owns networks, radio stations, social media platforms, etc. but it is true that there would be less exposure versus using one of the above owned by non people of color.  Do you think it is possible for the African American community to get ahead without assistance from platforms created and maintained by other racial groups?

4 thoughts on “The Jump Off

  1. I’m about as big of a Black Nationalist as it gets… I learned first from my parents, then primarily by Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X that true nation building does NOT require the assistance of any other people but our own… We MELANIN rich gods and earths (to take from the 5% nation) possess a divine level of intellect and connection with each other and nature that allows us to do things that other racial groups couldn’t fathom, hence Black Girl Magic etc…

    Long story short YES we can get ahead using only our own platforms, but there has to be a intentional focus to organize ourselves, aggregate resources, establish goals, and create an action plan. Unfortunately, this just hasn’t happened yet. Ignorance really is bliss I guess.


    1. I 100% agree. If you haven’t already, Powernomics is a great book on how this initiative could transpire. After Nas’s concert I looked into it and it touched this very subject and opened my eyes to so much more opportunity than what we’re utilizing now


      1. Claude Anderson is exactly who I got the idea of aggregating resources from! Keep dropping gems Queen!


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