Let Me Be Great

Are we in our own way?

With the current hype surrounding the Popeyes chicken sandwich, I’ve observed that the African American community is having mixed emotions about the amount of publicity it has received. Many individuals feel that we should not inflate this item and allow Popeyes to make money at the expense of the culture. They advert to how we are incapable of supporting our own due to the lack of overall support that black businesses receive from their own people. Others feel that their interest in this sandwich is harmless and they’re just trying to enjoy their food. Why should they be ridiculed for wanting to try the latest food craze? They doubt other cultures have these type of discussions when establishments such as Starbucks releases a new drink or when avocado toast became a “thing”. Do you feel that people of color are incapable of enjoying things such as this holistically? If so, why?

Thanks for joining the conversation 😘

4 thoughts on “Let Me Be Great

  1. Our culture always pointing the finger. Who says I can’t enjoy a chicken sandwich made by white people lol that doesn’t mean I don’t support black businesses the two actually have no correlation. Business is supply and demand if you have a good product it’s going to sell itself. For all of those complaining about support make sure your product is better than good and your customer service is great. I ate the sandwich back in June so everybody really late 😂

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    1. Lol I had it back in July so I feel you on that but I agree 100%. I’m all for black business and supporting the cause but I agree they have no correlation if I want to step outside the box. Let ppl be great man lol


  2. I ALWAYS go out my way to support Black Businesses including my Black doctor, dentist, son’s pediatrician, mechanic, fav restaurants, and much more… As long as Popeyes ain’t donating my money to Trump or something, shut up and try this sandwich fam lol

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  3. I tried the sandwich however, it was before all the hype. I also have tired supporting black business. While price is not the issue for me with black business it is quality in the product and customer service. I like to get what I pay for. I purchased a shirt and only got one was and it fell apart. Tried contacting the business and received no response. So I agree quality and service will sell it for you.

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