The Price Went Up

Once upon a time, on this place called Earth, social media was truly a place to be social.

People spent hours trying to pick the perfect layout. Moved your top around 30 times before you went to sleep. Added the #1 song from 106&Park to your page. Hacked your friends page while you were at it so people knew you were there.

People hopped on follow trains daily as a means to socialize. Followers went up but so did your communication with people you never even met. Some of them didn’t make it in your personal circle, others are still around.

Likes for likes used to be a thing. “I’ll like your pic, if you like mine.” There were no filters, no tag buttons and no locations. There were no ads, no commercials, no sponsorships. It was just people socializing with other people.

Then…..the PRICE WENT UP.

People started paying for followers. For verification. For acknowledgment. They found out how to finance popularity and authenticity dissipated. To be a one hit wonder is a goal. 5 seconds of fame has a positive connotation to it.

Do you ever stop to think that these things came about because we were so supportive? Because we knew support was free before the price went up?

I challenge anyone reading this to think about the last time you supported someone you know. That person who’s trying something new, stepping outside the box, or just sharing their craft. If you can’t remember, you’re slacking. If you can, kudos to you. Either way, go support them again today 😋

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