It will be LIVE

It was said almost 50 years ago that when the revolution comes, some of us will probably catch it on TV.

Today that is still very likely or you may see it trending on your social media feed.

You will wonder what finally pushed people over the edge.

Maybe search for the source of what caused the uproar.

The Culture has been given plenty of reasons throughout history all the way up to recent months, for the revolution to go live.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the tragic murder of 28 year-old, Xavier University graduate, Atatiana Jefferson.

In case you haven’t, Jefferson was shot and killed by a white police officer, Aaron Dean, who was sent to her home to complete a wellness check after her neighbor noticed her front door was ajar.

Deans defense has already attempted to justify the slaying by advising that Dean took it upon himself to treat the trip as an home invasion despite being given no additional reason to do so besides the conditions of the front door.

Now, yet ANOTHER innocent life taken at the hands of the boys in blue leaving a family to mourn.

So what are we, the average citizen, to do about it?

Do we share the post until a new hashtag comes along? Do we express our frustration with a broken system but fail to show up to the polls? Do we sit and watch the defense to finesse the jury into believing he feared for his life from the outside of her home.

Do we watch as they paint this college educated, humanitarian in colors that depict her as an threat because she was protecting her home and family from an unannounced, overzealous officer?

Many of you will say yes because we have no choice. Many don’t believe there is much that we can do. But for those of you who say no, what will you do? What do you feel The Culture should do to avoid becoming another hashtag?

“The revolution WILL put you in the driver’s seat

The revolution will not be televised

WILL not be televised


The revolution will be no re-run brothers

The revolution will be live”

8 thoughts on “It will be LIVE

  1. 🚧(Long Comment Alert!)🚨
    Our ancestors already gave us the answers. America has only EVER spoken 2 languages= Money & Violence:

    “I think that they should be made to know that, any time they come into a black community and inflict violence upon members of that black community, they should realize in advance that the black community can speak the same language [of violence]. Then they would be less likely to come in.”
    -Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X), 1965

    “Now the other thing we’ll have to do is this: always anchor our external direct action with the power of economic withdrawal. Now we are poor people, individually we are poor when you compare us with white society in America. We are poor. Never stop and forget that collectively, that means all of us together, collectively we are richer than all the nations in the world, with the exception of nine. Did you ever think about that? After you leave the United States, Soviet Russia, Great Britain, West Germany, France, and I could name the others, the American Negro collectively is richer than most nations of the world. We have an annual income of more than thirty billion dollars a year (1 trillion in 2018), which is more than all of the exports of the United States and more than the national budget of Canada. Did you know that? That’s power right there, if we know how to pool it.”
    -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, 1968 (The day before his assassination)


    1. I love this!!!!!!!!!!! And I couldn’t agree more. Although I don’t wish harm on anyone I truly believe that it is going to take of violence for people to realize that the black community means business, I just hope it doesn’t take another loss within our community to ignite it.

      If we took control of the black dollar alone, we would shift the culture


      1. I knew you’d agree, great minds think alike!
        Even Malcolm X was for SELF-DEFENSE, not just random violence… But I’m with you, hopefully it doesn’t get to that.

        The best way is to hit them where it hurts, in their bank accounts! If we focus on supporting black owned businesses COMPLETELY, and withdraw our money from racist and white-owned companies, we will finally have the resources to protect and provide for our own communities. We gotta stop talking bout this shit tho and actually DO IT. ✊🏾


      2. Yes, I’ve been banking with Unity National Bank since I graduated from TSU… It’s on Blodgett, right next to “This Is It”, it’s also a location in Missouri City.


  2. I believe that a good start would be getting back 2 truly looking out 4 our communities. Taking pride in ourselves & our communities. Start with our youth & show them something different than what they are accustomed 2. The Black Panther Party had a “10-a point” program that we could revisit & maybe restructure a tad bit 4 the times we live in now & we would see almost immediate change.


    1. I agree! Our ancestors like the Panthers already left us a blueprint… We just need to awaken the masses (especially the youth) to fully push it into action.

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