Our Women Are Worth It

I came across this article on my Facebook titled “US marriage rates may be dipping because of a shortage of financially stable men, study suggests.”

The article is based upon a study published in 2017 that believes the marriage rate is on the decline due to a lack of financially stable men and it also breaks it down into demographics.

An excerpt from the article reads as follows: “Unmarried women with either low or high socioeconomic status, as well as racial and ethnic minorities, especially black women, were found to face the most significant shortage of potential marriage partners, the study suggests.”

Now this #TJTuesday post isn’t a “black men ain’t shit” but just wanted to bring my thoughts full circle.

I 100% agree with the fact that there isn’t an equivalent amount of eligible black bachelors to bachelorettes. Partially due to women outnumber men but that’s another story.

I personally don’t believe that the black man has learned how to love or grow with the independent black woman.

Many want a woman who is about her business but yet don’t like it when the woman’s independence makes him feel like less of an provider.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the way she carries her independence plays a factor. The “real ass bitch, give a fuck about a nigga” and the “I’m on my grown woman shit” are perceived as two different women.

But is the independent woman less deserving of a relationship because she’s capable of taking care of herself?

Or as Steve Harvey says, her expectations of the man are too high because there literally aren’t enough successful men to go around?

You can find the link to the article and the Steve Harvey video below. The statistics are mind boggling.

US marriage rates may be dipping because of a shortage of financially stable men, study suggests

Single Black Women Who Want To Get Married

6 thoughts on “Our Women Are Worth It

  1. It’s financial for me. I need to be able to provide stability and security. Not just love. If we talking about building an empire #squarebizness

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    1. I appreciate your honesty. Have you ever thought about still pursuing a successful woman while your on the come up? Not to disrespect or anything but if she’s already successful and your trying to get up to her level, are you saying you won’t be ready to fully commit until you reach her level?


  2. I think it’s a combination of us men trying to get where we wanna be socioeconomically before we commit, as well as looking for that woman who stimulates us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
    We want a woman who matches our beliefs, goals and spiritual journeys, while we’re in a place financially to build our Kingdom around her.


  3. My personal struggle with marriage has never been a financial issue or not finding the right person. For me personally it’s a mental thing. I feel one has to be mentally prepared for marriage just as much as one must be emotionally or financially prepared. Marriage is a life long commitment that I only plan on doing once. I need to know that she and myself are in the right mental space to take on that commitment.

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    1. I feel that 100%. When you believe in love and want it to prosper you want to go into with the right mental state on both ends. I’m not tryna be anybody second wife or find a new husband lol


      1. Exactly. I’m not trying to be married three four times. We can have all the money, but what happens if we lose all that money, will she be mentally prepared to handle that, will I?

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