Are You Tuned in?

November 13th, 2019, Byron Allen vs Comcast will be heard by the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. after winning two appeals in 9th circuit court.

This is important because it could change the way discrimination lawsuits are handled and depending on the outcome could either uplift or dismantle the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Section 1981.

Back in 2015 Allen sued several cable companies including Comcast, DirecTv and Charter, after they refused to license channels that were targeting complex subjects such as criminal justice.

At the time, Comcast specifically was looking to acquire shares of NBCUniversal which would give them majority control over major networks. They asked for support (vocally and monetarily) from many black organizations including the NAACP and the National Urban League.

Allen felt that these calls for support lacked genuine realness due to Comcast specifically was spending billions of dollars annually on channel licensing with less than 3 million being directed towards 100% owned black media outlets which in retrospect is basically nothing.

Allen decided to sue Comcast for $20 billion and Charter for $10 billion. It took a judge 3 times before deciding the case was worth being heard and the judge sided with Comcast originally but against Charter.

Upon their loss Charter decided to take Allen to the Supreme Court. Allen decided he would take Comcast right along with them.

So now that the Supreme Court has decided to hear the cases, Allen’s attorneys are tasked with proving that these major companies refused to provide business licenses to individuals solely based upon their race.

This is one for the books and if you’re not in tuned you definitely should be!

Take the opportunity to watch Allen’s interview on the Breakfast Club (link below) You can fast forward to 43:32 to get information about the case specifically but the entire interview is pretty inspirational.

Byron Allen Breakfast Club Interview

One thought on “Are You Tuned in?

  1. This is a big deal considering that we should have some leverage in the entertainment industry 2 control our image & likeness. The fact that we don’t speaks volumes about how things were/are set up. It takes moves like this 2 push ya in the right direction. I know it’s a tough tasks, BUT if we people of color “cut the cord” on a large scale 2 take our money out of Comcast/ Xfinity pool… they would get the message from that end as well.


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