Want it? Write it!

Pen to paper, put it into existence.

|Most recent pen to paper |

I was……

Let me stop lying,

I am that person with a ton of journals, spirals, small notes and I definitely value a good ball point pen 😍.

Something about the way it flows on the paper just gives you a mini satisfaction orgasm.

I often find myself writing tidbits when things come to mind. Whether it be an simple thought, crazy invention or just a reminder,

I have it written down, SOMEWHERE.

Some of my goodies

I must admit that only recently (a little over a year) have I began to change those thoughts into ideas, action plans an manifestations.

It honestly has increased my confidence to say what I mean because I’ve granted myself the opportunity to articulate it on paper.

Sometimes you have to get out of your own head and take a second look at the message you’re trying to deliver.

I try to work on my plans weekly but writing them down helps to keep them visible should I get too busy.

I have taken it upon myself to put small reminders of my goals and plans in places that I come in contact with daily so I’m constantly reminded of what needs to get done.

They’re in my phone case, car, bathroom, underwear drawer and there’s so many notes in my phone it’s crazy!

I encourage you, if you don’t already, try it! You’d be surprised the things/people that you come in contact with.

If you’re a writer like me, care to tell me what’s your favorite pen?! Mine is Uniball x signio 207 bold or Inc. x Roller Elite👌🏾.

Not a writer?! How do you track your goal progression?

Treat everyday like a step towards getting shit done. 💕

One thought on “Want it? Write it!

  1. My fave pen is Uni-Ball Jetstream RT ballpoint! And I have 2 have college-ruled paper 2 write. I run thru notebooks rather quickly. Lol!


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