Stop Waiting for a Revolutionary

It’s the last #TJTuesday of #BlackHistoryMonth and I just have to say, I love black people.

We really are some amazing human beings. Our history is full of so much tragedy that often times, the accomplishments of our ancestors are over looked.

Especially if we’re talking about the fact that our school history books only teach about the same 5 people.

*(Can you guess which 5?)

#BlackHistoryMonth brings about so many gems that often get overlooked so I decided to share one that I came across this month.

Below is an excerpt from an interview of political activist, author, and social critic Dr. Cornel West.

James Baldwin and Maya Angelou

The interview contains an snippet of the brilliant poet, singer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, reading an passage from The Fire Next Time.

A non-fiction book originally published in 1962, written by the poet, activist and essayist, James Baldwin.

PRESS PLAYYYYYYY!!!! And meet me below when you get done It’s only a 1 minute and 19 seconds.

Interview by Christopher Lyndon; Filming , Editing and Audio by: Zach Goldhammer and Connor Gillies

Baldwin expanded on the concept that it’s going to take the “relatively conscious whites and relatively conscious blacks” coming together, even if it’s just a handful, to end the “racial nightmare and change the history of the world.”

If we fail to do so, unlike the rainbow that came after Noah, instead of rain there will be “fire next time.”

Dr. West goes on to express his thoughts on the fire we’re dealing with now, also know as Trump.

I found this interesting because the saying goes “if you don’t know your history, it’s bound to repeat itself.” Baldwin wrote this in 62’ and here it is 2020 and we’re still advocating for equality.

Me personally, I’m somewhere between brother Malcolm and King when it comes to my views on how to elevate the black race. Everything doesn’t require a reaction but sometimes it’s necessary so people know that you mean business.

Martin Luther King JR. and Malcolm X

We’re breaking down barriers and revolutionizing multiple industries but your biggest accomplishment should not be trying to go viral for dumb shit.

We are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for and it’s crazy because other races can see the gifts in us which is why they capitalize on our culture.

Then we get upset and post about it but what are we reallllyyyyy doing to see the change?

Know that no matter who you are, the changes that are going on in the world effect you too. You have every right to exercise your power and voice to make a difference in your own communities.

You don’t need fame to make a difference. Only you can initiate your legacy. Stop waiting for someone to start the wave. Get out there and do the damn thing!

Lol I’ll step off my box now…..

*(If you guessed Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Harriet, and Frederick, we really need to get new books!)

#HappyBlackHistoryMonth y’all!

March is coming!

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