Rise of The Rona

Happy #TJTuesday guys!!

Crazy how much can transpire in just one week. #TheRona has everyone stuck inside (except for those people who’s bosses clearly haven’t come to their senses yet), trying to figure out ways to take advantage of this new found time.

I personally am an introverted, extrovert (and every time I take the quizzes it’s usually a 51-55 intro.,45-49 extro.) so I’d like to think I’m built for something like this. With the right playlist, I can be content all day.

I think this time is important because you’re not doing anything to impress anyone. People’s priorities have shifted and it is encouraging people to be less vain and become more personable. You can’t use outside resources to make yourself look interesting so you have no choice but to be you.

|MESSAGE: If you’re not using this time to self reflect, you’re wasting it.|

For me it’s more so, knowing that we’re on restrictions or the idea that we can’t leave if we wanted to, that bothers my mental. I’m the last person that likes to be told what to do let alone where I can go.

But ultimately I believe that everyone should comply in order to get this madness over with. I think the unknown is what’s making people so anxious..

And I know all too well about being anxious.

I have high functioning anxiety so the best thing for me to do is keep my mind occupied. Below I have listed a few things that are helping me push through:

  • Coloring Book (go to refocus method during/after anxiety flare)
    • Hip Hop History by 563, Mark (available on Amazon)
    • My favorite coloring book app is Happy Color
  • Television:
    • Ok so if you have a fire stick, download PlutoTV (yessss it’s free). They have an entire channel that plays nothing but Degrassi: The Next Generation (you may thank me later)
    • Just started On My Block and I’m loving it (Netflix)
    • Madam C.J. Walker- Self Made was great. (Netflix)
    • Black Lightening, season 3 is slow but I heard it gets better (Netflix)
    • Once Upon A Time is one of my all time favorites! I just find the spin they’ve put on the fairytales so intriguing (Netflix)
    • Full Metal Alchemist is one of my Anime favorites (Netflix)
  • DIY:
    • I’ve finished two art projects for my room and house. I’ve pictured one below that came out pretty nice (swear I’m not like crazy crazy, but aren’t we all just a little crazy?!) ! I love calligraphy. It takes A LOT of erasing for me to get it right though!
  • Read:
    • Jazz by Toni Morrison
    • Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
    • Everything’s Trash but that’s OK by Phoebe Robinson
  • Write:
    • Poetry ( *rubs hands like bird man* just wait on it)
    • Blog entries of course
    • Special Content for my next #MelaninMic project (classified information but in due time y’all will get the tea!)
  • Physical health
    • Workout with Fit On App. I do everything from cardio to yoga and stretching. Real easy to do from home.
    • Practice Meditation. It’s harder than it looks people! I use Oak to assist with this.

Well I hope you enjoyed this #TJTalk today! Stay safe, wash your hands and NO RONA BABIES!!! They’ll be Scorpios and we just can’t take a baby boom of those lol.

And if you haven’t already, love on somebody today!

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