Melanin March Madness

It’s finally here! The last day of #MelaninMarch and bae-bayyyyy it’s about time. #TheRona gave a whole new meaning to the term “March Madness.”

In the midst of all this chaos, we are being asked to focus on the more positive aspects of our lives and be grateful for what we have (which we should no doubt).

But of course, this month has also shed light on a PLETHORA (yea, pulled that vocab straight out the dictionary lol) of things wrong with our society and the way the government represents/protects our people (barely).

This segment however isn’t about the government but about us, #TheCulture.

In order for us to get on the same page, I’m going to ask you to reminisce for a sec.

*inserts They Reminisce Over you by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth*

Your mama ever send you to a neighbors house to borrow something? Some sugar because you ran out making kool-aid? Some eggs so you can finish your cornbread?

Hell I remember my moms’ sent me to get gel once because she ran out doing our hair for picture day!

Remember in college when you didn’t have it either? You went down the hall maybe even door to door until you found it. We borrowed pots, the iron, food, books of course and the list from college never ends.

But in the black community, everybody is so busy looking like they have it all together that people have yet to humble themselves and admit, it does indeed take a village.

This message isn’t just relevant to tangible items but personal ones as well.

My granny would sit on her porch and the whole neighborhood would come by to chop it up. Some spoke out of respect for their elders, others came by and laid their whole lives out on the table. But there was never disrespect or judgment brought to our door.

Now is not the time to be ornery to your neighbor or be so stubborn that you yourself are afraid to ask for help.

I challenge everyone today to evaluate their family and friendships and determine who is a part of your village. Also when we’s free again, to go to black owned establishment and see what the average person can do to assist in this time of need.

During Black History Month, we discovered that on Black Wall Street, money would travel through 19 black establishments before spending a white dollar. If it can’t be done now, what can we do to get there?

When your mental capacity allows, let people know you’re available to them. Check in with the ones you love and don’t hesitate to admit you don’t have it all together.

#TheCulture has to come out of #Rona2020 on the upside. We’ve been down for so long. Now is the time for our come up!

Thank you for your time on this #TJTuesday! Stay safe, wash your hands and if you haven’t already, love on somebody today!

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