Power in Your Platform

April is here!!

Unfortunately #TheRona is still here too. Hopefully this all will blow over soon but to be real, I doubt it.

My high school track coach used to say, “prepare for the worst, hope for the best, be ready either way.”

Granted he was talking about our hair after working out in bad weather but hey, it’s still a lesson learned.

There has never been a more important time to cater to your mental health regardless of what social media may be telling you to pay attention to.

Go ahead and let Auntie Clair aka the most gracefully talented individual to ever bless a screen if you ask me, Phylicia Rashad, drop a few mental health gems on you.

Many people feel the during this time of #TheRona, people should be “productive” and come out of this situation with a new skill set, hobby, good credit, not pregnant, super fit, tik tok dance experts, and master chefs.

To be “productive” means that you are able to achieve or produce a significant amount of something.

I’d like for you to go back and read that definition one more time….

It said “something.” It didn’t say your goals had to be everyone else’s. It didn’t say shame the people who’s goals are intangible items. And I could go on but I hope you get the picture. Let people be great even if their to do list is blank.

I’ve always thought that people are slleeeepppp on the power of their platform, because when the price of attention went up, we stopped being social.

People forgot that you didn’t need 10k followers to be relevant or impact someones life and it highkey grinds my gears when people with so much influence use their platforms recklessly.

At a time when people are trying to become more self aware and get in tuned with themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, placing a determining ideology on what productivity looks like for other people is toxic af.

Is it ok to share what you’re doing and how your coping?! Of course. Talk yo shit loves! But is ok to to shame those who use their time differently? Not at all, because the battle they’re facing may not be one they can project all over social media but their overcoming obstacles everyday.

Societal pressure is a real thing, it always has been and social media is the best breeding ground for it. Even if you’re not projecting the idea that Post-Rona, people should know how to code and do hair at the same damn time, be mindful of the things you post and the people you effect.

I’m done ranting for today though *steps off soap box*. Take care of yourselves and if you haven’t already love on somebody today!

2 thoughts on “Power in Your Platform

  1. This is a great subject. Everyone who is able should be being productive but each ones production may differ. Some people may use this time to get a mental break. Some people may use this time to get closer their kids because they work so much. Some people may use it to get closer with their families. Some people may use it to learn a new skill, or hobby. Everyone’s journey is not the same.

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