Let’s Talk About It!

May is already here!! April got out of here like it was not with the shits.

I don’t blame April, this #Rona madness is for the birds.

I’m a May baby and this definitely ruined my birthday trip so if you guys have any sage ideas, let me know!

But any who, lets get to the subject at hand.

This past weekend, under ill advisement, people left their homes to get outside. While out in New York, some people were able to enjoy the fresh air.

NYPD Officers hand out face masks to civilians

While others were not…

Brownsville, Brooklyn NY
NYPD officer Francisco Garcia “enforcing” social distancing?

The New York City Police Commissioner confirmed there were 43 summonses were made in the park over the weekend, with the majority relating to failures to maintain social distancing protocol.

The difference in treatment is so blatantly clear that’s it’s been dubbed “A tale of two cities” by The Guardian.

But I mean come ooonnnnn, how can you deny the racial lines drawn here?!

It’s the type of mistreatment even Stevie Wonder can see.

But let’s not act like New York hasn’t been here before.

Highkey the situation and scene is dang near identical to the events that led up to the death of Eric Garner which sparked the #ICantBreathe movement.

Eric Garner
(September 15, 1970- July 17, 2014)
Kyrie Irving and Lebron James supporting the #ICantBreathe movement

Seems like it always takes the loss a life to spark something in our people…. but that’s a different story for a different day.

Or maybe that day is today?

Real talk y’all, we have an issue on our hands and having 20 minutes of social media fame from the grave or a jail cell, should not be the only one way to address the issues.

According to the Daily News, Officer Garcia in particular has cost the city $210,000 in lawsuit settlements so they clearly don’t care about the quality of their officers…

*The gentleman in the video, Donni Wright, 32 years old has since been released. The Manhattan District Attorney announced Monday it was deferring prosecutions against Wright and the other two suspects arrested during the incident.*

So what are we to do people, what are we to do?


#SparkTheConversation and let me know your thoughts on the current topic at hand and how you think we could improve the current relationship between the Black and Blue… if that’s even possible.

For now, stay safe, stay hydrated and wash your hands.

And of course, don’t forget to love on somebody today!

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