A Change Is Gon Come

On October 8, 1963, a fire was sparked in Sam Cooke who went on to provide us with what is considered his best composition. Cooke was turned away from a whites only Holiday Inn in Shreveport, LA. Upon arrival, they were denied access to the rooms and told there was no availability despite having called ahead to make the reservations.

Sam Cooke

Cooke was furious and refused to leave until he was provided a valid answer. After being talked down by his wife and crew, the group left the hotel and proceeded to the next location.

However little did they know the authorities were already waiting for them at Castle Motel on Sprague Street. They were arrested for “disturbing the peace.”

*In 2019, the Cooke family received a formal apology from the then Mayor and a key to the city… took long enough, but y’all know how that goes. *

This interaction led to Cooke use the only means he had to express himself, music. And in February of 1964 he performed for the first time what would become a anthem for the African American culture.

Cooke was murdered one week before the release of the single in December of 1964.

For years this song has gained airplay on the radio, movie soundtracks, commercials… Highkey I’m sure his family will forever be receiving royalties because unfortunately, the pain behind the song is still relevant.

Picture it.

Year 2020.

African American male.

25 years old.


In a residential neighborhood.

He is being pursued by two men.

In a pick up truck.

Armed with shot guns.


Father and son.

65 and 34 years old.

The son exits the truck.

He attacks the innocent jogger.

The jogger attempts to defend himself.

Two shots are fired.

The jogger attempts to escape.

He slowly tumbles to the ground.

This is the story of Ahmaud Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery

As the culture yet again begins to prepare for another walk down the road of politics and unjust verdicts…. we have to ask ourselves… when exactly is the change going to come?

I read somewhere that the only way to fix the justice system is to vote out the laws and people who uphold them.

I play devils advocate to say we’ve been making Amendments to the Constitution for years and yet here we are.

But I stand behind it more than not.

I ran my 2.23 miles to stand with Ahmad. I signed the petition to get his murders arrested and charged. I will vote as I have every other year to exercise my rights. Something has gotta give.

“But there was a time that I thought
Lord this couldn’t last for very long, oh my
Somehow I thought I was still able to try to carry on
It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know, but I know a change is gotta come, ooo
It’s been so long, it’s been so long, a little too long
A change has gotta come”

-Sam Cooke

Lengthy post today but I hope y’all enjoyed it!

Stay safe, stay informed and don’t forget to love on somebody today!

2 thoughts on “A Change Is Gon Come

  1. The change isn’t going to come until WE demand it… By withholding our dollars and votes from those who don’t actively work to change the inequalities in our criminal justice system… Unity is key! We all we got.


  2. This was a good read. I don’t comment on social issues. So I’ll keep my opinion to myself, but you and Mr. Pollard are both correct in using your vote.


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