Relax. relate. RELEASE.

If you don’t know where that iconic line is from, you’re sleep*. Here’s a hint, it’s my favorite television sitcom! That’s also one of my favorite episodes.

But any-who, it’s time for a MENTAL HEALTH CHECK – IN!

We’re half way through the month and this year just keeps on trucking by. Not leaving any surprises behind because if it’s not one thing, it’s another. I can only imagine what August is going to entail. Not even going to lie, semi nervous because 2020 has shown the world no mercy. But I live for each day so I’ve learned that you can’t dwell on things outside of your circle of control. You will only drive yourself crazy.

So for me, that’s kind of what I’ve been focusing on to keep my mental on track. Trying to focus more on things that I can control and not playing out scenarios in my head.

Am I the only one who does that? Like I will play back something that I’ve already been through and 9/10 still stuck in or working through… and then be like “okay, so if that happens next then I’ll react like this, then I’ll get this result and boom, its all good!” Next thing you know I’ve traveled down a rabbit hole full of scenarios.

But things don’t ever work out that way and I’ve stressed myself out for no reason. Be putting myself in my feelings and shit. Like I said, I’m working on it lol! The shocking thing is how much confidence it brings as I get better.

Is it hard to reprogram the way you think for the better, hell yea! I honestly think it’s hard because it takes a certain level of self awareness to be able to acknowledge such behaviors since you’re so used to that toxic behavior. Let alone control it. But aware is apart of the process so baby steps are still steps in the right direction. There’s levels to this self love shit!

I encourage you to spend some time with yourself and try to peep out your toxic traits. Or the next time you feel some time of way about something, reflect on the role that you, yes I said YOU, played in getting to that state of mind. You can’t control the actions of others but you can control the way you react to it.

Now I’m not saying don’t feel through your situation. You can front for the world or whatever (which I don’t recommend but do yo thang) but at least be real with yourself and feel some type of way. Emotions are normal and it’s not okay to suppress them because you have responsibilities. If you’re not okay, say that and try to identify why and what can you do, rationally , to get past it.

And if you can’t figure it out, please reach out to someone, anyone, hell even me. Your life is with living and we’ll get through whatever else 2020 has in store and then some! Suicide Prevention Hotline

I appreciate you for joining in another #TJTuesday and until next time, take care of yourselves, wear your masks and don’t forget to love on somebody today!

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*Answer: A Different World, duhhh

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