Why Not?

Happy #TJTuesday y’all!

It’s the first one of the month so I had to make it nice.

I took my first solo trip y’all!

I know, crazy right?! And in the middle of a pandemic… yup, I sure did hop my ass on a plane solo dolo and went on vacation.

It was well overdue. How we got to the solo part is a different story but to make it short, life happened, people dropped out, money was already paid so why not?

Mind you the drop out was the day before the trip so would you not go?

Yea, you thought twice about it huh? And you think I didn’t?!

Did I ask others if they wanted to go? Of course but honestly it was so last minute, leading up to this you can already imagine the attitude I had so I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with people any way.

Thus, the solo trip began.

When traveling, I’m the one with the itinerary. I like to see stuff, I’m trying to do stuff so make sure you bring the sneaks.

I just had to be more particular about the places I selected to make sure they would be properly populated so I would really never be anywhere “alone.”

I packed in such a way to blend in and not necessarily anything too flashy to draw attention to myself.

(However I picked that orange fit so I would stand out on the mountains. I wanted to be visible from afar should shit have gotten real.)

And of course shared my location and created a group chat with the village.

I sent pictures of all my Uber/Lyft drivers in the group chat as well checked all child locks!

Ya girl was not trying to end up on the news for any reason. Plane crash. Kidnapped! (Is it called kidnapped when you’re grown? I think it’s abducted… yea let’s go with that lol!) Abducted. Or on trial cause I stabbed somebody who tried to attack me with a pen.

Yea, don’t travel alone if you’re not ready to defend yourself. You can’t afford to be a punk!

Highkey that was probably one of the best things I’ve taken away from my trip.

When moving alone, you have to be fearless. You have to walk with your head up to make sure you see everything coming your way.

You also have to be more cognizant of your body language and facial expressions so even if you’re nervous, people wouldn’t be able to tell.

Your ears have to be open so while on the move in the streets you can’t listen to music! I only did after I had gotten situated at my museum or dining area.

But I had my airpods in so people wouldn’t talk to me. Didn’t stop them though!

And I didn’t let being alone stop me from doing anything I wanted to do. I hiked 2 mountains, went to the International Church of Cannabis (there is no consumption of cannabis in the church), the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater , rode through downtown on a Lime Electric Scooter, ate all around town and of course when in Rome, did what the Romans do.

Overall it was a well overdue vacation and an interesting experience. Slept the whole way back on the flight. Which wasn’t bad since the seats next to me were always empty since I had both tickets.

You had to wear your mask the whole flight. The airlines did not serve food or drinks. Believe it or not the flights were full but I think that’s because they kept condensing them. My flight changed 3 in 2 days.

I came home and slept for the rest of the day!

So now it’s back to the good ole J.O.B.. But it’s okay, I’ll be a millionaire soon and just keep going up from there.

Until then, mini vacations will do. Even if it’s by yourself. If you need to go, why not?

We can’t always wait for things to fall in live for other people before we do what we want.

Be smart about it, but don’t be afraid to things alone. Sometimes you’re all you got. And that has to be enough.

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