No Filter

Happy #TJTuesday peeps!

It’s a beautiful day to be Black.

But isn’t everyday? Or at least it should be.

In our community, we wear our skin color with pride.

Often times that can be hard seeing as how are parents not only have to sculpt our minds to be strong enough to ward off any racism but also coach us through growing pains.

You first learn to walk through the hallways of high school to test out your tough skin.

You learn to ignore the girls who your mom convinces you are jealous.

And of course the boys full of jokes about your forehead and braces who your mom says only say that because they’re not mature enough to tell you they like you.

(Does anybody know at what age boys become men because they still can’t seem to do that lol?)

And the whole time you’re learning how to love yourself, you’re being taught “corporate America” does not.

You take classes that teach you how to activate your diluted self.

The business world doesn’t allow our culture to show in the workplace because…..

Honestly think about it for a sec.

I’ll give you a few.

Ok we back?

Yea was the only thing you came up with is because we’re Black?!

Because they never took the time out to create a positive connotation between Black people and education.

Even if you have the mindset, we’re still required to portray this “image” just to be accepted in the first place.

We change our hair because “the others” bun is considered more professional than our braids.

And alter our voice because “the others” is considered soft while ours is full of attitude.

It’s 2020 and I call bullshit!

We have to do better at not diluting ourselves for acceptance or placing cultural filters on in the workplace.

If we’re going to change the narrative behind the culture, we also have to change the way that people view us in the workplace.

It’s not ok that we wear so many hats just to maintain job security.

Nobody’s saying walk in to work and act an ass but you should be able to walk in to work and act like yourself.

Be proud of who you are and where your education has brought you.

As well as the many places you can go.

And remember, EVERYDAY is a beautiful day, to be Black!

Thanks for tuning and as always don’t forget to love on somebody today!

(Shirt details: @yessheblogs on IG)


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