Poppin P’s

Wassup Melanin Mic fam!

Not that kind of P!

Get your head out the gutter.

But our P’s for today are PRODUCTIVITY and PERSPECTIVE.

I’ve come to find that the two go hand in hand and I’m learning to master them both.

I know many people say you shouldn’t multi task but I disagree to a certain extent.

I don’t think you should when working on a specific project but I do believe it’s ok to have multiple projects in rotation.

As a curious person, my mind just can’t stick to one thing all day.

It will keep you busy for sure so finding chill time is important and please get some sleep.

Those “I don’t get tired, work 6 jobs for etc”… like mhmm whatever, I’m finna take this nap real quick lol.

But with that being said, because I am always working on different things at once, it can be easy to get lost in the madness of it all and start to feel like you’re getting no where.

But honestly getting more consistent with writing things down helped me switch my perspective and become more productive in my day to day task.

I need to consistently see things so I’m a mirror writer and the amount notes in my phone are outrageous!

I take advantage of my planner, calendar and I always have notepad within arms reach.

By removing things as I go, it helped me to see that although I still have things to do, I got something done.

My dream is going somewhere.

And I’m out here making moves to make it happen.

So to wake up, get organized and see that everyday….

That’s MOTIVATION, to keep going.

Because the best days are when the list is complete. The release date is here or the event has finally arrived.

And you made it!

We all out here tryna win big! But many of us don’t think our small wins matter.

Switch your perspective and start to appreciate what you do for yourself. The productivity will start to flow naturally.

Everything starts with you!

Preciate y’all for stopping by!

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And as always, make sure you love on somebody today!!

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