Election Day!

Happy #TJTuesday guys!

It’s NO-vember 3rd so you already know where this sentence is going huh?

The world is more divided today than they were when they announced the OJ verdict in 95’.

If you have not already, today is your last day to VOTE! If you have not already, today is your last day to VOTE! Vote Save America has many helpful resources to help you find your local voting stations, a ride to the polls and the complied a list to help with voter suppression.

Should you feel intimidated, please contact someone. Get you a voting buddy, even if that person has already voted, to go with you to the polls. Texas is still stuck in their Jim Crow ways so they believe their Trump painted trucks and weak ass flags are going to stop the show.


They say this may be the year we turn blue and I’d love to see. Don’t think the “whipipo” will be too happy but that sounds like a personal people to me.

I definitely had some personal stuff to say but today, VOTING is all that matters.

Pay attention to your co workers, your boss, your friends, the places you spend your money… because today people will show their true colors.

It’s sad to say that people are conducting plans should people be unable to handle their L, but it’s better to be ready, than having to get ready.

Be safe in whatever moves you make today, but stay alert and prepared to defend yourself.

Peace and love Black people of America. And don’t forget to love on somebody today!

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