News Flash!

Did you know, you don’t have to be a part of a bigger organization to give back to your community?

You. Yes, just you can be a single individual and make a impact in your local neighborhood.

I personally figured this out because many organizations cause you to attend regular meetings and there’s heirachy and all this extra. Im just like, these people need help? Bet, where and what time do I need to be there.

You meet so many people and learn so many new skills. And the impact is the best part! To see how you’ve positively effected someone just does something to your feel good gene!

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’ll be doing. I’ve walked dogs, tore down houses, melted metal, bagged groceries, register voters, protested, picked vegetables, and my fair share of food drives.

Loved working with Palm Center Market!!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of volunteering with We Are One for their free food distribution in 3rd Ward.

The organization is being sponsored by the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the Houston Food Bank and VIP Media.

The weekly food distributions came about as a result of Covid-19. “A lot of people are hurting right now so we figured, let’s do something to impact the community,” says Richard, the event lead and a member of We Are One.

Check out my video below with clips from the event!

I challenge you all to reach out to a organization to see if they need your help! thanksgiving is coming up and there are many places that can use a helping hand.

And it’s not hard at all. I was literally scrolling on Instagram when I came across their post. The caption said “volunteers needed. Text Richard!” and I did. With Palm Center Farmers Market, i just sent an email. Fed my soul on a early Saturday by helping others. You walk around on a natural high the rest of the day.

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