“When people say that romance is dead, nah. They’ve just exhausted the possibility”

Nina Mosely and Darius Lovehall😍 catching a Love Jones in Chicago. Did I also mention it’s my favorite movie of all time🥰

I mean how could you not love it?!  The poetry, the passion, the realism! Also, hands down one of the best soundtracks of the 90’s. It’s just a bonus that the cast is full of great actors.

Guy meets girl in club and gets dissed after shoots his shot via poem. When they finally link back up they hit it off instantly but they’re “just kicking it.”

She takes a trip that leaves him salty because he wasn’t ready to tell her how he felt. She comes back only to find out he’s back to the streets.

So she moves on with her life and his homeboy tries to slide in. He finesses her to this party and of course its a trap so she’s out.

But all it took was one phone call and conversation (take notes guys) to bring it back together. However now they both have trust issues and can’t get past it. So in a last attempt to find a reason to stay in the Windy City her homegirl lets him know she’s leaving. He fails to catch her in time and life goes on…..

I’m stopping there because you know you want to go watch it now😏 and the ending is amaze-balls!

It was the communication for me! I’m just saying, if you want her, you better tell her. Life is too short to be hesitating. Respect someones right to not be interested in you. Everybody is not for you and that’s ok. There’s somebody that is and settling is not an option so go after what you want!

And make sure you love on somebody today! Even if that somebody is you.

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