Black Santa

Happy TJTuesday! ⁠
Ok so fun fact about how I found out who Santa REALLY was…⁠

Santa’s always been black for me lol ⁠
One day my momma and I went to go pick my uncle up from Redbird mall in Dallas. Every time we went to pick him up, he always had this duffle bag with him. So of course my little nosey self was in the backseat, curious and I open the bag. It had Santa’s suit in it! I was like ohh snap, my uncle is Santa!! So after that I told my sister lol. We took the ToysRUs🦒 catalog that you used to get in the mail (it had the stickers) and we went through the whole book and put a sticker next to all the toys we wanted it and politely left it at my aunties house. We did that every year until eventually I got older and caught my moms wrapping presents. But yupps, If you’re from Dallas and have the old school mall Black Santa photo (he was the Easter Bunny too lol) from RedBird in the late 90’s, just know he’s still alive and driving my auntie crazy but they’re still in love so she lives for it. The Johnson’s ❤️⁠

Don’t forget to love on somebody today!⁠

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