On January 6, 2021, white domestic terrorist attacked the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. in a response to former President Donald Trump officially losing the 2020 election.

And they did so, damn near unharmed!

The world watched as the hoodlums rushed beyond the “peaceful protest” barriers, past armed officers (who apparently learned not to kill people who break the law just yesterday) and literally broke into the U.S. Capitol to express this disappointment for the loss of their beloved President Orange.

I personally think the whole thing was planned because

  1. The presidents tweet on 12/30/20 stating “JANUARY SIXTH, SEE YOU IN DC!”
  2. They had shirts and paraphernalia with the date on it in support of Trump.

And the media of course played its role in the incitement. This was honestly just a bubble waiting to pop.

The Others were finally seen in the spotlight for who they really are and their privilege screamed volumes.

No tear gas.

No tanks.

No runner bullets.

No Army or Coast Guard.

Just a bunch of armed officers who couldn’t seem to find their handcuffs but provided their smiles for selfies with these thugs.

When the Black Lives Matter protest begun in May and June… just check the stats below…

Now let’s not be evil, no one wanted to see anyone get hurt solely for pain purposes but subjectively speaking, we were anticipating something!

A playground push, slap boxing, pulling some hair, hell even a stern talking too.

But no, they literally climbed the walls of the U.S. Capitol and walked away with their lives.

A luxury black people aren’t even warranted in their sleep.

The Culture decided to sit this one out and watched collectively through the socials as the undeniable display of white privileged was now on air for the world to see.

America looked like clowns showing that all it took was the right skin color to put fear in the hearts of those that took an oath to protect us.

All I could say was IKYFL.

But it was really happening. The history books better get this one right!

Let’s get this shit handled early so we can enjoy the rest of our year.

We’re overdue for a good time.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Go get tested for Covid and STD’s.

And as always don’t forget to love on somebody today. Even if that somebody is you.

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